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logo design travelling tradies

Travelling Tradies is a business a guy I went to high school with started. He had 2 friends commit suicide, both tradies like himself, in a short span of time, and in the wake up call he quit his job and went travelling for 10 years, swapping his skills for food and a roof. When he got back he had a totally new outlook and it inspired him to try and help others by creating an app that allows other tradies to do the same, connecting them with businesses around the world offering food and board in barter for work.

You can check them out here.

It's a really worthwhile project that comes up in my social feeds fairly regularly, but they pretty clearly made it with one of those online logo makers, which, while free, have the drawback of not actually being able to intuit or create anything that embodies your businesses personality. I regularly told myself I could do something better, and eventually decided to do it purely as an exercise. I tried to keep the original font style and colour palette but evolve the design to actually represent the business and what they do.


Original Logo

TT logo-02.png

Primary Logo

TT logo-09.png

Alternate Lockup

TT logo-07.png

Pictorial Mark

TT logo-01.png

Inverted Logo

TT logo-04.png


Colour Palette-50.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-51.png

Colour Palette

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