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brand refresh timelio

About 4 years into Timelio's existence we did a brand audit and realised that we basically didn't have one. The company had grown so much and added a whole slew of new products and client facing operations, and the original visual identity that had been designed for them no longer really fit what the company had grown into.

It was fairly challenging as I was only given about a week to design it before it was pitched to the leadership team, and while we knew we wanted to appear more professional, the core goal was to not end up looking stuffy and "like a bank". We also knew that keeping the Timelio Green would be a mandatory, as the CEO and founder was very attached to the colour (and hey, it does pop).


I started with removing the pictorial mark from the logo, for one it always visually off-balanced the logo and caused it to never truly appear centred on anything, and for another I was never really on board with it (it's "grow" in morse code, which I thought was odd as it's a mostly outdated method of communication and Timelio was all about innovation, fresh thinking and new technology, which always made it feel at odds with the company message). The second major change was to reduce the amount of Timelio green on everything and temper it out with a darker, more neutral colour that would really make the green stand out as the hero when it was actually used. The resulting scheme (dubbed choc-mint internally) I felt accomplished that, and when used with a large amount of contrasting white space it didn't come across as too overpowering.

Timlio Logo Original-02.png

Original Logo


Primary Logo




Inverted logo

Colour Palette-35.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-38.png

Colour Palette



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