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visual identity thunderbolt hair

Thunderbolt Hair is a high-end hair salon in Melbourne specialising in hair colouring.

They approached me to create a visual identity for them with a pretty simple brief, "give us something cool". As they are a high-end salon, I wanted to keep a fairly simple colour palette of mostly black and white. The bold, sans serif font takes blends seamlessly with high end fashion brands, creating an association with affluence and quality. The "lightning shear" device was designed to incorporated the core elements of their brand in a distinctive logomark.

Plus, it just looks fucking cool.

Thunderbolt Hair-09.png
Thunderbolt Hair-02.png

Primary Logo

Thunderbolt Hair-04.png


Thunderbolt Hair-03.png

Pictorial Mark

Colour Palette-49.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-08.png

Colour Palette

Thunderbolt Hair-05.png
Thunderbolt Hair-06.png
Thunderbolt Hair-07.png
Thunderbolt Hair-08.png
Thunderbolt Hair-01.png
Thunderbolt Hair-10.png


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