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visual identity positive sparky

I was originally asked by a colleague to critique the logo and visual identity they had been given by another designer as they were unsure of the final product. With the feedback I gave I also provided a very rough design to suggest some alterations that could be made to strengthen the desired design direction. As a result, they asked if I could create a logo concept for them, and while they did not choose to go ahead with it owing to budget constraints, I chose to flesh the project out as I was just really happy with how cleanly the "PS" monogram came out.

*A note on the business card mock up: I wouldn't usually include this level of information, but it's what is on their current cards and in my discussions with them the amount they wanted to keep. While the job never actually got to this stage I thought I'd challenge myself to work within those constraints.

Positive Sparky Original-17.png
Positive Sparky Original-18.png

Original Logo

Positive Sparky FINAL-19.png

Primary Logo

Positive Sparky FINAL-23.png

Alternate Lockup

Positive Sparky FINAL-20.png


Positive Sparky FINAL-24.png

Primary Logo Monochrome

Positive Sparky FINAL-26.png

Alternate Lockup Monochrome

Positive Sparky FINAL-25.png

Monogram Monochrome

Colour Palette-53.png
Colour Palette-56.png

Primary Colours

Colour Palette-54.png
Colour Palette-55.png

Secondary Colours

Positive Sparky FINAL-13.png
Positive Sparky FINAL-15.png
Positive Sparky FINAL-27.png
Positive Sparky FINAL-03.png
Positive Sparky FINAL-14.png


Positive Sparky FINAL-16.png

Van Wrap

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