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rebrand oak capital

Oak Capital is the largest project I have taken on to date (admittedly I was doing it 40 hours a week as a salaried employee).


Following the merger of mortgage manager Resicom with private lender/investment firm Oak Capital Mortgage Fund, the company required a ground-up rebrand. The resulting company would be known simply as Oak Capital.

Needless to say, rebranding 2 entire companies worth of documents, collateral and digital presence was an immense task (literally hundreds of individual pieces), however for the most part I was given almost complete freedom to design and implement the way I thought it would work, which made the exercise incredibly enjoyable and the results something I am immensely pleased with. 

You can view the new website here.

I wrote a more in-depth coverage when we announced the rebrand, which you can read here.

OCMF Logo-02.png

Original Logo

Oak Logo No Tagline-07.png

Primary Logo

Oak Capital Full Lockup White.png

Full Lockup

Oak Mortgage Fund Logo White.png
Oak Capital Wholesale Fund Logo-06.png

Mortgage Fund Alternate

Wholesale Fund Alternate

Oak Logo Alt-06.png

Alternate Lockup

Oak Logo O.png


Oak Capital Logo FINAL -11.png
Oak Capital Logo FINAL -10.png
Oak Capital Logo FINAL -12.png


Colour Palette-23.png
Colour Palette-27.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-08.png

Colour Palette

Business Cards Management FINAL 2021.png
Business Cards Management FINAL 20212.png
Business Cards Sales FINAL 2021.png
Oak Letterhead Letter-01.png
Letterhead 2-01-01.png
Envelopes 2.png
Thank you Card 2 PRINT.png
With Compliments.png
Thank you Card 2 PRINT2.png


Product Guide

Generic Flyer.png
Company Socials-16.png
Construction Announcement-23.png
Premium Plus Double Sided.png
Premium Plus-02.png
Premium Plus Double Sided2.png

Sales Collateral



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