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visual identity naked marketing

Naked Marketing is a Melbourne-based digital and content marketing agency started in 2016. I was invited to pitch a concept for their logo an visual identity pre-launch, and while they ultimately did not progress with my design*, it remains one of my favourite projects.

The thing about boutique marketing agencies, especially in Melbourne, is they are everywhere. You can throw a rock and hit 10. I wanted this visual identity to stand out as bold, different, and ultimately memorable, and with a name like Naked in a creative industry I felt pretty comfortable doing something that pushed more boundaries than you otherwise might.

*I was told by the female founder that the male founder loved it, but that she could not get on board as she felt uncomfortable handing out penis business cards, which, fair enough.

Naked Marketing-02.png

Primary Logo

Naked Marketing-05.png

Full Lock Up

Naked Marketing-04.png


Naked Marketing-06.png
Naked Marketing-01.png

Primary Logo Monochrome

Colour Palette-15.png
Colour Palette-18.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-08.png

Colour Palette

Naked Marketing-13.png
Naked Marketing-07.png
Naked Marketing-08.png
Naked Marketing-09.png
Naked Marketing-10.png
Naked Marketing-11.png
Naked Marketing-12.png


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