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visual identity melbourne doughnut expert

I was approached by a long time member and coach at the club to create a new visual identity for the club.

My goal was really more to evolve the ideas in their current logo and colour palette than to erase it completely,

and I feel the redesign incorporates all of the element and visual cues of their current look, but in a more refined

polished final product.


The colour palette was slightly modified and updated to the PMS colour system to ensure seamless colour matching

across the various suite of products required for merchandising.

Melbourne Doughnut Expert-02.png

Primary Logo

Melbourne Doughnut Expert-03.png


Melbourne Doughnut Expert-04.png


Colour Palette-27.png
Colour Palette-30.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-08.png

Colour Palette

Melbourne Doughnut Expert-08.png
Melbourne Doughnut Expert-06.png
Melbourne Doughnut Expert-07.png
Melbourne Doughnut Expert-01.png
Melbourne Doughnut Expert-05.png


Travel Mug.PNG


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