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logo design kane multimedia

Kane Multimedia is a photography, videography and drone operation company specialising commercial media solutions primarily in the construction and property space. This is a new venture that will exist in tandem with their existing photography business, Kane Jarrod Photography. As such, they requested I use their existing colour palette (I did however update them the PMS colours). While they initially had a fairly strong idea of the result they wanted, they also agreed to allow me to present an alternative based on my own research and ideas. As it happened, I managed to win them over.

As they specialise in construction, I wanted the logo to feel at home in that space, opting for a heavy, geometric, sans serif font with a simple but effective integration of a stylised play button in place of the "A". I was also conscious that they were intending to use it on their construction site safety wear, and this it would be important that it be easily legible and still very effective when rendered in monochrome over fluorescent backgrounds.

*The client did not require a full branding package, only the creation of a logo, and thus that is all that's presented here.

Kane Multimedia Logo FINAL CMYK-27.png

Primary Logo

Kane Multimedia Logo FINAL CMYK-28.png


Kane Multimedia Logo FINAL CMYK-29.png

Alternate Lockup

Kane Multimedia Logo FINAL CMYK-30.png

Primary Logo Monochrome

Kane Multimedia Logo FINAL CMYK-31.png

Wordmark Monochrome

Colour Palette-43.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-08.png

Colour Palette

Kane Media Mock Up.png

Safety Wear

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