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brand refresh how to money

How to Money was originally started as a podcast aimed at young Australians to help them better understand money and their finances. Essentially it was designed to fill the large knowledge gap of all the things you should get taught about finance and the real world in high school, but that you aren't. 

I designed the original podcast tile for the launch of their first episode, however, it was never designed with the intention of being used as a logo, and a few years on I was dismayed to learn that's how it was being used, and thus I offered to revisit it and create something useable.

The result was designed to honour their original tile, but create a more versatile branding pack and vector assets that could be used accross their established website, socials and as a replacement podcast tile.

How to Money Original.png

Original Logo


Primary Logo


Full Lockup



Colour Palette-39.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-42.png

Colour Palette


Podcast Tile

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