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branding and creative design bring the thunder

Being a creative more often than not means having other people putting restrictions on what you can and can't do, and what will and won't work for them. Often it's delivered with the subtlety of a brick. The worst feedback I ever got was an email that contained just three words,


"this is shit"

I have always enjoyed the design trends and styles found in 90's skateboarding culture (though I did have the benefit of living through it), bright, bold graphics and free-flowing creativity from a time when skateboarding was starting to break into mainstream culture and the new demand gave artists and designers the freedom to create almost without restriction to fill it. So much so I even have some of these period pieces hung on my walls at home. That's what Bring the Thunder is for me. A place where I can realistically make anything I want with no one to say, "no, this needs to fit in our box".  Naturally, as a brand designer I couldn't make a collection of anything without also scratching the itch to build a visual identity around it.

The "Pro Models" are designed for people I know (who both do and do not skate) purely to fill my desire for a creative outlet.

Bring the Thunder-01.png

Primary Logo

Bring the Thunder Icon-17.png


Bring the Thunder-02.png


Bring the Thunder-03.png
Bring the Thunder-04.png

Simplified Monochrome

Colour Palette-14.png
Colour Palette-11.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-08.png

Colour Palette

Skateboard Template-01.png
Skateboard Template-02.png


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