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visual identity artshownow

ArtshowNow is a cloud-based art show management software. The brief was fairly specific - they wanted a clean, modern, "app-style" logo that would make for an effective app tile on marketplaces. They specifically requested the incorporation of a paintbrush or paint palette, and a bright colour palette.

I made the conscious decision to not have the "a" of the logo be a different style to the "a" in ArtshowNow to avoid having the pictorial mark become part of the wordmark

ASN Full-01.png

Primary Logo

ASN Full-02.png

Pictorial Mark

ASN Full-03.png


ASN Full-04.png
ASN Full-05.png

Inverted Logo

Colour Palette-47.png
Colour Palette-09.png
Colour Palette-48.png

Colour Palette

ASN Full-06.png

App Tile

ASN Full-07.png
ASN Full-08.png

App Mock Up

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